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Registration Fees:


from Dec 15th, 2023
to June 3rd, 2024


from June 4th, 2024


€ 550.00

€ 650.00


€ 500.00

€ 550.00

* Students

€ 350.00

€ 400.00

Authors presenting any contribution must be registered before April 30th, 2024.

Conference registration includes a welcome reception, luncheons and the conference dinner.
Further information about general terms and conditions for PMTi 2024 registration can be downloaded here.

Important information:

* Proof of student eligibility. If you want to take advantage of the Student category you need to: 

  1. Provide proof of student eligibility by e-mailing a copy of your student status certificate or ID card to in advance of the conference. AND
  2. Bring your original student status certificate letter or ID card when you pick up your conference documents at the registration desk.

Both actions are mandatory to be eligible for a student registration. If you do not provide the student status documentation you will be charged the full registration rate.