Preliminary Conference Program

Day 1:  September 4th
10:30 h - 11:30 h
Registration (Level -1)
Openning session
11:30 h - 12:00 h
Welcome by the Chancellor and the conference Chair (Prof. Elena Gordo).
12:00 h - 12:30 h
- Additive Manufacturing market evolution, metal technologies and Titanium applications.
By "Asoc. Española de Tecnologías de Fabricación Aditiva y 3D", ADDIMAT.
12:30 h - 13:00 h
- (450). A Pathway to Achieving High-Performance and Low-Cost Ti Simultaneously.
Z. Zak Fang, P. Sun (Universidad of Utah) (Auditorium)
13.00 h - 14:20 h
and Networking Lunch.
(Main Lobby)
Session 1: PM Consolidation
Martin Jackson, Z. Zak Fang.

14:20 h - 14:40 h
(1430 ). Correlations Between Microstructures and Tensile Properties of Ti-6Al-2Sn-4Zr-2Mo-0.1Si-(0,05) Y (wt.%) Alloys Fabricated by Thermomechanical Powder Consolidation.
D. Zhang (Northeastern University, Shenyang), X. Wu, B. Zhang, H. Niu.
14:40 h - 15:00 h
(440). Characterization of the microstructure, tensile, fatigue, and creep behavior of powder metallurgy processed rolled and extruded Ti-6Al-4V-1B Alloys.
W. Chen (Michigan State University), C.J. Boehlert.
15:00 h - 15:20 h
(760). Optimization of a harmonic structured Ti-24Nb-4Zr-8Sn alloy through combined microstructural and mechanical investigations.
B. Fer (Université Sorbonne Paris Nord), D. Tingaud, F. Prima, G. Dirras.
15:20 h - 15:40 h
(1380). Improving strain hardening capacity of high strength Ti-6Al-4V alloy by a dual harmonic structure.
Z. Zhang (Shangai Jiao Tong University), Y. Luo, J. Liang, D. Zhang
15:40 h - 16:00 h
(650). Improvement of the Mechanical Properties of a P/M Ti-6Al-4V Alloy with Additions of Carbon and Silicon.
Nerea Burgos (CEIT-Basque Research and Technology Alliance), José Manuel Martín.
16:00 h -16:20 h
(750). Sintered Titanium Sponge.
T. Hutsch (Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials IFAM), J. Trapp, Th. Weissgaerber.
16:20 h -16:50 h
Coffee Break.
(Main Lobby)
Session 2: TiAl
Carl Boehlert.

16:50 h - 17:10 h
- (310). An overview on sintering of titanium-aluminides.
Thomas Ebel (Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon)
17:10 h - 17:30 h
(850). TiAl powder based Fused Granular Fabrication.
W. Limberg (Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon GmbH), M. W. Rackel, J. D. Heaton, F. Pyczak, T. Ebel.
17:30 h - 17:50 h
(30). Development of TiAl Alloys for Gas Turbine Engines.
Seong-Woong Kim (Korea Institute of Materials Science).
17:50 h - 18:10 h
(160). Effect of heat treatment temperature and rolling on microstructure and mechanical property of powder metallurgy Ti43Al9V(Y) alloy in electron backscattering diffraction.
Y.Y. Chen (Harbin Institute of Technology), D.D. Zhang, TZ. He, P. Sun.
18:10 h - 18:30 h
(830). Sintering titanium aluminides with Co addition.
L. Quaglio (University of Campinas), W.A. Monfardini, J. Soyama.
Day 2:  September 5th
Session 3: AM deposition techniques (directed energy deposition, material deposition)
Gang Chen, Julia Ureña.
9:00 h - 9:30 h
(1150). Large Titanium Preform manufacture by cold spray.
C. Doblin (CSIRO Manufacturing), Stefan Gulizia, M. Faizan-ur-Rab, A. Vargas-Uscategni, A. Yousefiani, S. H. Zahiri, B. Zamorano.
9:30 h - 9:50 h
(180). High Strength and Ductility in as-built Ti-Cu-Fe-Al Alloys Produced via Direct Energy Deposition.
R. Brooke (RMIT University, Melbourne), D. Zhang, D. Qiu, M. Gibson, M. Easton.
9:50 h - 10:10 h
(190). Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing of Tl To Reduce the Cost of PEM Electroyzers.
J. Sánchez (Universitat de Barcelona), V. Albadalejo, M. Sarret, A. Garfias, R. Vaz, T. Andreu, I.G. Cano.
10:10 h - 10:30 h
(690). Manufacturing of a Ti6Al4V Aerospace Component by Metallic Wire based Laser Beam Directed Energy Deposition.
E. Vaamonde (AIMEN), P. Rey, M. Salgueiro.
10:30 h - 11:00 h
Coffee Break.
(Main Lobby)
Session 4: Powder-bed Additive Manufacturing - I.
Rubens Caram, Faraz Deirmina.


(290). In-Situ Alloying of Copper-Coated Titanium Powder Via Laser Powder Bed Fusion. 
D. Xu, P. Cao, W. Yang (University of Auckland) P. Cao, W. Yang.

(540). Developing Near Beta Ti-30Nb-4Sn Alloy Through In-Situ Alloying in Additive manufacturing Processes. 
João Felipe Q. Rodrigues (University of Campinas), Márcio Sangali, Letícia F. Starck, Gilberto V. Prandi, Matheus Valentim, Rubens Caram, Rodrigo J. Contieri.

(1170). A novel compositional design strategy for as-printed Ti alloys with equiaxied microstructure and excellent mechanical properties.
Y.F. Yang, S.F. Li (Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences), S.F. Li.

(1450). Effect of surface on the properties of titanium based powders.
L.P.Lefebvre  (National Research Council Canada), C.Charbonneau, A.Timmercan, Olivier Bergeron.

(150). Porous thin wall titanium alloys manufactured by Electron Beam Selective Melting. 
Jinhu Liu (University of Science and Technology Beijing), Feihong Wang, Yongfeng Liang, Junpin Lin

(1460). Achieving strong and uniform additively manufactured titanium through alloy design.
Michael Bermingham, J. Zhang, M. Dargusch, University of Queensland, Australia

Session 5: Powder production and characterisation.
Stefan Gulizia, Jose Manuel Martín.

(980)- Oerlikon. Latest Developments in Spherical Titanium Powder Production.
C. McCracken (Oerlikon Metco), D. Lee.

(1220). Predicting powder spreadability for metal AM.
A. Neveu (Granutools), F. Francqui, G. Lumay.

(120). Suitability of Novel Titanium Alloys Powders for Metal Injection Moulding Applications.
V. Kruzhanov (PM Consulting), A. Gonchar, V. Troshchylo, A. Brodskyy, V. Yarovynskyi, O. Chukhmanov, A. Yarovinskyi.

(460). Formation Theory and Method of Metal Powder Prepared by PREP Considering Time-Varying Mechanical Properties of Electrode Rod.
 Y.K. Wei (Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology), J.Y. Wang, Y. Wang, L.-L Zhang, W.-P Jia, S.-F Liu, Z.-H Zhang.

(1130). Passivation Coating on Titanium Powder Surface via SnCl4 – Ti Gas–Solid Fluidization Reaction.
F. Yang (University of Science and Technology Beijing), Z. Feng, X. Li, C. Chen, H. Wang, Z. Cheng, Z. Guo.

(360). Precise Fabrication of Ti2O from TiO2 by Al Reduction towards Potentially Lower-Cost Ti Metal Powder Production.
Ying Zhang (Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing), Taotao Cai, Shili Zheng, Yi Zhang.

13.00 h - 14:30 h
and Networking Lunch.
(Main Lobby)
Session 6: Powder-bed Additive Manufacturing - II
L.P. Lefebvre, Rodrigo J. Contieri.

14:30 h - 14:50 h
INVITED - (40). Strong and Ductile Titanium Alloys Containing High Interstitial Elements.
M. Qian (RMIT University Melbourne), S. Lu, T. Song.
14:50 h - 15:10 h
INVITED - (370). A Novel Strategy to Tailor Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Ti upon Understanding of the Powder Oxide Layer.
G. Chen (University of Science and Technology Beijing), W. Ding, W. Cai, Z. Guo, M. Qin, X. Qu.
15:10 h - 15:30 h
(130). Effect of layer thickness and particle size distribution on the microstructure and properties of Ti6Al4V processed by laser powder bed fusion.
N. Belsure (Sandvik), R. Sandberg, P. Harlin, E. Hryha, G. Soundarapandiyan, F. Deirmina
15:30 h - 15-50 h
(640). Process Acceleration of L-PBF and Influence of Process Parameters on the Porosity and Mechanical Properties of Ti-6Al-4V.
F. Jensch (FHF, Brandenburg University), A. Sviridov, F. Karabult, M. Eisentraut, S. Härtel ,S. Weiβ.
15:50 h - 16:10 h
(1010). Investigation of the effect of oxygen homogeneity on the processability of Ti-6Al-4V: addition of out of spec powders.
M.Habibnejad-korayem (Advanced powder and coating, A GE additive division).
16:10 h - 16:40 h
Coffee Break.
(Main Lobby)
Session 7: MIM + Sinter-based AM
Thomas Ebel, Isabel Montealegre.

16:40 h - 17:00 h
INVITED - (620). Recent Developments in Ti MIM Technology.
O. Ivasishin (G.V.Kurdyumov Institute for Metal Physics), B. Kronowetter, D. Savvakin
17:00 h -17:20 h
(950). Interaction of Binder and Powder in Processing of Titanium.
C. Kukla (Montanuniversitaet Leoben), E. Gordo, S. Schuschnigg, J. Villemur, P. Luna, C. Holzer.
17:20 h -17:40 h
(100). TiNb-based Shape Memory Alloy Scaffolds produced by Direct Ink Writing.
T. Vilella (Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya), G. Fargas, L. Llanes, D. Rodríguez.
17:40 h - 18:00 h
(680). Comparing Lithography-Based Metal Manufacturing for Titanium with Established Processes such as Cold Metal Fusion.
T. Marter (Process Engineering, Element 22 GmbH).
18:00 h - 18:20 h
(320). Development of Materials and Processes for the Lithography-based Metal Manufacturing of Ti6Al4V.
S. Cano Cano (INCUS GmbH).
18:20 h - 18:40 h
(400). Advances in Lithography Based Metal Manufacturing of Nickel Titanium Alloys.
L. Vogel (MetShape GmbH), R. Moreno Lopez, G. Harakály, S. Cano Cano, A. Baum, M. Zimmermann, C. Burkhardt.
Day 3:  September 6th
Session 8: Sustainability and recycling
Ma Qian, Deliang Zhang.

9:00 h - 9:30 h
KEYNOTE - (890). Ways to Improve Carbon Footprint in the Additive Manufacturing Process Chain.
M. Dopler (Metalpine), A. Köll.
9:30 h - 9:50 h
INVITED - (1420). Exploitation of Fast/SPS to Recycle Surplus Metal Powder for Sustainable Solutions and Near Net Shape Components.
M. Jackson (The University of Sheffield)
9:50 h - 10:10 h
INVITED - (1330). On the effectiveness of the Processing Parameters of Titanium Ti-6Al-4V by PBFL/m and the Effect of Powder Recycling on the Material Properties.
A. Nieto (CATEC), A. Periñán, J. Santaolaya, C. Galleguillos.
10:10 h - 10:30 h
INVITED - (1160). 3D Printing of Ti-6Al-4V parts from waste material.
M. Grande-Molina (Fundació Centre CIM), L. Calvo, L. Poudelet, R. Cardona, C. Chirico, B. Ferrari.
10:30 h - 11:00 h
Coffee Break.
(Main Lobby)
Session 9: TiMComposites
Joao B. Fogagnolo,
Yongjun Su.

(660). Progress of Titanium Matrix Composites via Powder Metallurgy and Additive Manufacturing Based on the Newly Developed Nano-TiBw Reinforced Titanium Matrix Composites Powder.
S. Li (Xi’an University of Technology), L. Liu, Shaolong Li, D. Hui, S. Wang, X. Zhang, B. Li.

(200). Constructing Multi-Scale Structures in Powder Metallurgy Titanium Matrix Composites: Microstructure Formation, Deformation Behaviors and Strengthening Mechanisms.
X. Chen (Harbin Institute of Technology), L.J. Huang, L. Geng.

(380). Improving Strengthen-Ductility Synergy of Titanium Matrix Composites by Constructing Multi-scale Network Heterostructure. 
Delong Gong, Qi An, Lujun Huang (harbin Institute of Technology).

(970). Refined Microstructures and Enhanced Strength of In Situ TiBw/Ti-6.5Al-2.5Zr-1Mo-1V Composites by Selective Laser Melting.
Qi An, Lihua Cui, Lujun Huang Lin Geng (Harbin Institute of Technology)

(1230). Study of wear behaviour of Ti6Al4V/SiCp composites additively manufactured by Laser-Directed Energy Deposition.
C. Sánchez de Rojas Candela (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos), A. Riquelme, P. Rodrigo, J. Rams.

(630). Recent Developments in Producing Highly Dense Ti Matrix Composites via HYDROGEN ASSISTED Powder Metallurgy.
Y. Song (Jilin University), O. Stasiuk, D. Savvakin, O. Ivasishin.

Session 10: Microstructural development
Peng Cao, Carlos Romero.

INVITED – (410). Porosity Prediction and Defect Control for the Titanium-Based Metal Additive Manufacturing.
W. Yang (The University of Auckland), D. Xu, P. Cao.

(1060). Martensite Decomposition during Heating of the Ti-6Al-4V Alloy Manufactured by Laser Powder Bed Fusion.
Y. Lakroune (Universite de Toulouse), D. Connétable, J. Hugues, P. Hermantier, P. Barriobero-Vila, M. Dehmas.

(1360). Globularisation of PM Ti-6Al-4V Alloy during Forging and Cyclic Thermal Treatments.
G. Sivaswamy (University of Strathclyde, Glasgow), C. Eacott, P. M. Souza, A. Andreu, A. Pal Singh.

(280). High-Temperature “Inverse” Hall-Petch Relationship and Fracture Behavior of TA15 Alloy.
Shaolong Li (Xi’an University of Technology), Shufeng Li.

(300). The sintering behavior of a biomedical Ti-22Nb-5Fe alloy fabricated by powder metallurgy.
M. Lin (Hunan University), Z. Li, Z. Cai, Y. Chen, D. Zhao.

(1250 ). Exploring Layered Materials Using Laser Powder Bed Fusion Of Titanium Alloys.
J.F.Q. Rodrigues (University of Campinas, Brazil), M. Sangali, G.V. Prandi, M. Valentin, L.F. Starck, R. Caram.

13.00 h - 14:30 h
and Networking Lunch.
(Main Lobby)
Session 11: Applications of PM and AM Ti alloys
Caterina Chirico, Gemma Fargas.

14:30 h - 14:50 h
(1110). Ti and Co-Cr-Mo alloy dissimilar joint obtained by additive manufacturing.
G. B. AssumpÇão (University of Campinas), A. F. Ramirez, J.B. Fogagnolo.
14:50 h - 15:10 h
(1350) Infiltration with polymeric biocomposite of porous Ti6Al4V implants obtained through laser sintering to enhance osteoiintegration and antimicrobial activity.
Eva M. Pérez-Soriano (Universidad de Sevilla), Ernesto J. Delgado-Pujol, Isabel Montealegre-Meléndez, Cristina M. Arévalo, D. Feria, A. Periñán, A. Alcudia, F. Lasagni, Jesús E. González , Yadir Torres.
15:10 h - 15:30 h
(960) Fabrication and coating of porous Ti6Al4V structures for application in PEM fuel cell and electrolyser technologies.
J. Villemur (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid), C. Romero, E. Gordo.
15:30 h - 15:50 h
(910) Powder Metallurgy Technologies for Low-Cost Titanium-Based Laminated Armor.
S.V. Prikhodko (University of California Los Angeles), P.E. Markovsky, D.G. Savvakin, O.M. Ivasishin, O.O. Stasyuk, D.V. Oryshych.
15:50 h - 16:10 h
(600) Investigation of the Current Density Effect on the LBPF Ti6Al4V Surface Quality After Electro-Polishing.
M. Tognazzo, R. Bertolini, A. Ghiotti, S. Bruschi (Universita degli Studi di Padova).
16:10 h - 16:30 h
(-) To be confirm.